We do the supply of Industrial Lubrication we have Dealer Ship from Minilec Group Pune brand name is INTECH Energy. This is Bio-Based Lubricants and has all Lubrication Oils like Gear Oil, High Temperature Chain Oil, Grease Multi-Purpose as well High temperature and is biodegradable as base is Vegetable.

We have Dealership from PON Pure Chemicals ltd. PURIT Group Chennai Based. This is the Mineral & Synthetic Based Industrial Lubricants in vide numbers of applications....Like Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Cutting Oil, Rust Preventive oils and Rust Removers, Paint Strippers. Catalogs are attached here for information.

Industrial Lubricants

Pon Pure Chemical India Private Limited is a part of Pon Pure Chemicals Group of Companies established in the year 1981 based in Chennai and is engaged in marketing of Commodity and Specialty Chemicals.
The company has been performing on core values such as Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Ethical Business Practice and SHE (Safety, Health and Environments). With a strong supplier and customer base the company has consistent growth over the years and had a turnover of Rs.4500 Cr. during last financial year.

The company is professionally managed and has established 27 branches in major cities like
1.Delhi, 2.Bangalore, 3. Hyderabad, 4. Vizag, 5. Kolkata, 6. Mumbai, 7. Pune, 8.Ahmedabad, 9. Ludhiana, 1o. Kandla and Kochi apart from Branches in Tamil Nadu.
We also have 6 Branches abroad. The company represents leading Global Chemical manufacturers like ExxonMobil, Shell, Archroma, Degussa India Ltd, and few more.

Pon Pure Chemical are the authorized Distributor Partner for global oil company M/s ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd for the state of Karnataka to market their Automotive Lubes. In the ongoing development, Pon Pure Chemical India Pvt Ltd now supports your requirement with PRODUCTS:

1.) Rust Preventive Oil, 2.) Cleaners, 3.) De-Greasers, 4.)Paint Strippers, 5) Aluminium Finning Lubricant, 6.) Metal Working Fluids, 7.) Hydraulic Oil, 8.) Gear Oil, 9.) Deep Slide Way Lube in the brand name of PURIT series.